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Ordering the Quarantine Cake

Call the bakery to place your order for next day

pick-up or delivery within Syracuse

All cakes are 6" diameter 3-layers (1-10 servings)

$30 plus tax


  • Regular, Vegan, or Gluten Free

  • Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, or black + white cake (alternating layers of vanilla + chocolate cake) with vanilla frosting

  • Special Fillings: Salted Caramel, Mixed Berry Compote (for an additional $5)

  • Choice of Note: “Wash Your Hands”, “I Love You”,                             "Don't Touch Your Face", "Stay Healthy. Eat Cake."

Let's be real- we could all use a little love + baked goodness right now.
To get some ASAP, click on "TODAY'S MENU" below to see what is fresh out of the oven today.
Ready to order?  Give us a call during business hours (8am-2pm, 7 days per week).  Note that some items may sell out before the close of business each day. Online ordering will be available soon!
Pick-up: call and place your order over the phone, we'll process payment and get your vehicle make/model/color and then when you pull up, we'll bring your order out to you curbside. Please park just outside our front door on Warren St. You can also walk up to the door and place your order in person. Please note, we are cashless and can only accept credit card and mobile payments at this time.
Delivery: we can deliver within the City of Syracuse free of charge for all orders over $30. Delivery time window is daily between 2pm-4pm.
Cakes + Cupcakes: these can now be ordered for NEXT DAY pick-up (10am-2pm) + delivery (2pm-4pm)! Call during business hours by 2pm and we can fulfill your order NEXT DAY.  Hooray!
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